down syndrome 'ohana of hawaii

In 2011, Down Syndrome 'Ohana of Hawai'i was the chosen recipient of Project Focus, a non-profit Hawai'i corporation, was founded in 2005 on the premise that everyone needs a voice, and no one needs it more than a child who has much to say. At Project Focus Hawai'i, photography is used to teach at-risk children to express and gain perspective on their experiences as a means of  enhancing self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-reflection, all critical components in fostering the resilience necessary to make a fulfilling life from challenging ingredients. 

Laurie Callies and Lisa Uesugi are professional children’s photographers and co-founders of Project Focus Hawai'i.  They raise all funding and oversee and run all aspects of Project Focus Hawaii’s twelve-week internship.

We humbly Thank you, Lisa & Laurie, for creating a most memorable experience! 

Here's the fantastic video everyone saw at the Grand Opening. It was produced and edited by Matthew Shimura, a sophomore at Punahou School.

project focus